DOS dApp List

These dAPPs come from the community. The information on this page is provided by the project owner.
DOS does not endorse these projects.

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by The Moonlight Team

Moonlight is a distributed workforce and analytical project management platform featuring a global public ledger of contributor work experience and a new match-making algorithm to effectively fulfill project needs.

Red Pulse

by Red Pulse

Red Pulse Tokens (RPX) are DOS tokens issued by Red Pulse, an event-driven research firm covering market events impacting Chinese companies, sectors and the overall economy.



AdEx is a decentralized ad exchange built on the blockchain and smart contracts. The core feature of AdEx will be the so-called AdEx User Profile - a personalized page that allows every end user to understand and control the ads delivered to them.


by Zeepin

The Distributed Creative New Economy.
Zeepin, a decentralized innovation community, is dedicated to promoting highly efficient circulation of innovation assets.
Smart work, Creative life!


by Allen Li

Qlink, developed by Qlink Foundation in Singapore, adopts the blockchain technology and creates a decentralized mobile network for P2Peer WiFi sharing, mobile data converted content distribution, enterprise telecom services and crowd-sourcing base stations (including WiFi hotspots ) set-up, generally in much lower cost and ultimate secured format.


by DavidWalters123, geek96, Nikolaj-K, metachris

imusify is a free, blockchain based, incentified and decentralized platform for music related digital content such as audio, video, apps, images, and blogging where anyone can join, contribute and get paid $IMU.

Chain Line

by notatestuser

Peer-to-peer courier platform. Couriers transport items to fulfill demands and earn courier fees.


by Relfos

Phantasma is a platform where the users control their own content, instead of relying in third parties servers. The platform support any kind of transactions between users, eg: email, chat, files, money transfers. DOS was used for this project due to its fast transactions and C# support, combined with IPFS (a distributed file system) to store the actual messages, encrypted with the keys from the DOS wallets.

Turing Complete Smart Contract

by Nikolaj-K

A smart contract which interprets encoded classical Turing machines.


by MediaServe

KRYPTON is a Smart Contract and ecosystem to provide SIP registration on the DOS blockchain using a KRYPTON compatible SIP provider.


by RavenXce, henrychua, jackyeu

Switcheo is a decentralised exchange built on NEO’s blockchain. It supports trading of NEP-5 tokens and DOS system assets like GAS & DOS. It aims to be a truly decentralised exchange while still providing for a superb user experience.


by mpetrunic, morrigan

Saving smart contract, with interests and fines. You can define how long to lock DOS and GAS assets, the smart contract defines an interest rate, and the system has a penalty for early withdrawal.

Smart Promise

by SergeyAnkarenko, marlyonya

Smart Promise is an electronic journal of smart promises developed through Blockchain. User of such an environment receives a reward for each of his fulfilled promises. The concept of the idea contains the possibility to get a strong motivation to action that user pointed in promise.


by THEKEY team

THEKEY is a Decentralized Ecosystem of Identity Verification Tool Using National Big-data and Blockchain.
THEKEY Project Team is now developing an identification verification (IDV) tool with blockchain based dynamic multi-dimension identification (BDMI) by using Personally Identifiable Information (PII) which is exclusively authorized by government authorities.


by Trinity team

Trinity is applicable to blockchain transfer of NEP-5 standard tokens.
As a Neo-version lightening network, Trinity achieves real-time payment, low transaction fees, scalability, and privacy protection of Neo mainnet assets through state channels technology.


by Concierge Team

Concierge is a Travel Booking Marketplace with 0% commission fees using the DOS Blockchain. Vendors and consumers can connect directly. We will accept fiat and crypto as payment for bookings. CGE is the utility token for the platform.